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"Monster Detectives" is a monster busting-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the first season. It was recognized as the second official episode of the entire series to be released on DVD in the United States.



"Sixties-style rock underscores Tyrone's adventure as a no-nonsense detective helping his client Uniqua retrieve her soccer ball from the castle of the Soccer Monster (Pablo)!"


Pablo is in the backyard wearing a worn-out green soccer jersey. He introduces himself to the viewer as the "soccer monster" and tells the viewer how he loves to play soccer. He sings the song "I'm a Soccer Monster." He then spots a pink soccer ball and kicks it once. He kicks it again, tells the viewer that he wishes that there was another soccer monster to play soccer with him, and says he is heading to his Soccer Monster Castle. As he walks off, his old shoes leave mud tracks on the grass.

Uniqua comes out of her house to play soccer. She introduces herself to the viewer and realizes that her soccer ball is missing. Tyrone comes up behind her, wearing a brown detective hat. He asks Uniqua what she is doing, and Uniqua answers by telling him that she can't find her soccer ball. Tyrone tells Uniqua he is a trained professional detective and shows her a badge to prove it. Tyrone asks Uniqua to tell him the whole story, and Uniqua does so. She explained that she was playing soccer but then had to go to the bathroom. And when she returned, the ball was gone. Tyrone writes down what she says in a small notebook. Tyrone investigated the backyard for clues, the slide, and the sandbox, and finally spotted the muddy footprints. Tyrone tells her that the Soccer Monster must have stolen it.

The backyard transforms into a large brown forest. As Uniqua starts to rush to the castle, Tyrone stops her. He explains that it's vital to know the "Monster Detective Rules" to get the ball. Tyrone starts to sing "The Rules," explaining what Uniqua must do to sneak into the Soccer Monster's castle and retrieve her soccer ball. He tells her the first rule, to be quiet, and warns her about the second rule, to avoid playing with the soccer monster. In the song, Tyrone explains that if she plays with him, she will also become a monster. Uniqua asks a lot of questions until they reach the castle. Tyrone opens the door quietly, and they sneak inside. Tyrone tells her to remember the rules. Uniqua spots two posters of Pelé and Mia Hamm, two of the world's most famous soccer players, and recognizes them immediately. She starts to sniffle.

Tyrone asks Uniqua why she is sniffling, and she says that it's kind of dusty in the castle, and dust makes her sneeze. Tyrone, surprised, tells her not to sneeze and to remember the first rule (to be quiet). The two search the castle's rooms to find Uniqua's stolen ball. Meanwhile, Pablo, the soccer monster, is playing a game of soccer by himself in the castle gym. He scores a goal. The scene switches to Uniqua and Tyrone searching a small room containing a bookshelf and a sofa. Uniqua spots trophies on a counter. Tyrone tells Uniqua that they have no time for trophies and have to continue their search. Uniqua picks up a gold trophy with a statuette of Pablo on top, until Tyrone hears the trophy shaking, turns around, sees Uniqua and yells, "Uniqua, no!" Then there was trouble: the trophy falls to the floor and breaks in half. Pablo hears the shattering noise from the gym and stops his game of soccer.

Then Pablo thought there was someone in his castle and ran out of the gym to see if someone had entered. "I didn't mean to break it. I just wanted to hold it!" Uniqua tells Tyrone. He calmly tells her a third rule: "Don't touch anything." Tyrone bends down to put the trophy back together but stops as he hears Pablo yelling. He and Uniqua run out of the room to get away. Pablo opens the door to the room Uniqua and Tyrone were in before and spots the broken trophy.

Pablo knows that someone has entered his castle and walks towards the main hall. In the hall, Uniqua sees a Manchester United soccer team poster. They hear Pablo again and dash behind a bookcase. Pablo comes close, but Uniqua starts to sniffle again because of the dust around her. Fortunately, she prevents sneezing. After Pablo leaves to look in a different castle section, Tyrone compliments Uniqua on keeping quiet; however, Uniqua forgets to still be quiet and yells, "Thanks!" loudly.

Tyrone covers his lips with his fingers as a signal to keep quiet. Uniqua then tells Tyrone that the monster does not look scary. Tyrone reminds her that she will also become a monster if she joins him in a game of soccer. To keep Uniqua from getting bored, Tyrone tells Uniqua that their job is like Hide and Seek because they hide from the monster while seeking Uniqua's soccer ball. Uniqua adds that the monster is seeking them.

Uniqua and Tyrone start to sing "Hide and Seek." Uniqua opens a door, spots the Soccer Monster, and points to him. The hide as the monster enters the room Tyrone and Uniqua are hiding in. Uniqua and Tyrone hide behind a couch as the Soccer Monster looks around. The monster thinks they are playing Hide and Seek, covers his eyes, and counts to three. The two run out the door when he's not looking. Pablo opens his eyes and sadly tells himself that although he looked for them he couldn't find them and he doubts he will ever play soccer with anyone else.

Uniqua and Tyrone are hiding. Then there was trouble: Uniqua sneezes, and Pablo hears her. He runs into the room they are hiding in. Pablo hands her a box of tissues, and Uniqua thanks him. Tyrone pushes Uniqua and tells her to run. Uniqua does run away from Pablo, and Pablo runs after them. Uniqua and Tyrone enter the gym and shut the door behind them. Uniqua is amazed at how many balls the monster has. They look for her pink soccer ball. Uniqua finds her ball, but Pablo opens the door and chases them. Uniqua and Tyrone run toward the right goal net, then turn around. The Soccer Monster bumps his head to the side. He continues to look for them, but Uniqua and Tyrone hide amidst the soccer balls in the wooden box. Pablo spots them, and Tyrone runs out the door. Pablo notices and sadly asks himself why no one will play with him.

Uniqua looks at Pablo sympathetically and tells him she will play with him. Tyrone begs her not to, but Uniqua plays soccer with him. Uniqua turns into a soccer monster wearing a worn-out green jersey with the number '1.' "Soccer!" cries Uniqua happily. Uniqua and Pablo run to Tyrone, but Tyrone runs out the door screaming. Uniqua asks Pablo if they should chase him, but Pablo answers no. They play a game of soccer while singing a new verse of "I'm a Soccer Monster." Tyrone looks back inside the gym and says he is "out of here." But he argues with himself and tells himself that he needs to get the job done as he sings, "Gotta Get The Job Done."

Tyrone walks back inside and yells to Pablo that he has snitched his last ball and he has to give the ball back to Uniqua. Pablo passes the ball back to Uniqua. They start to play soccer, but Tyrone interrupts by asking them if anyone has to be a monster to play soccer. They let him play and sing another verse of "I'm a Soccer Monster." Tyrone turns into a soccer monster, now wearing a worn-out green jersey with the number '3' on it. Tyrone's stomach growls. Pablo confuses the noise of another soccer monster. Tyrone tells him it is just his stomach and invites the other monsters over to his house for celery with hummus. They all accept as the gym transforms back into the backyard. They sing the end song and enter Tyrone's house. Pablo opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Soccer!" before reclosing the house's door. Case Closed.




  • This is the only episode where the backyard transformation music is not completed.
  • This episode reveals that humans are able to exist in the world of the backyardigans based on the pictured cameos from Pelé, Mia Hamm, and a team member from Manchester United.
  • This episode reveals Uniqua is allergic to dust.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Uniqua's line namedropping the famous soccer players whose pictures are framed in the Soccer Monster's castle is changed to "Pelé, Roberto Carlos... and there are others!"
  • In various European dubs, the Soccer Monster is renamed the Monster due to soccer being called football in Europe.
  • This episode was released early to the DVD "It's Great to be a Ghost!" before it premiered on the main Nickelodeon channel two months later.
    • This is the first episode of the series to be released exclusively on DVD in the United States.
  • This and Secret Mission are the only episodes in Season 1 to only feature three main characters, leaving Tasha and Austin as the only two not present in both.
  • This is the eighteenth episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is the second and final Season 1 episode with only Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone without Tasha and Austin.
  • This is the third and final Season 1 episode where Pablo doesn't have a panic attack. The first one was The Yeti and the second one was It's Great to Be a Ghost!



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