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"Movers of Arabia" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the second season.



"Movers Uniqua and Pablo move Sultan Tyrone's magical things to his palace to some groovy surf rock, but can they do the job without using up Genie Austin's three wishes?"


Tyrone is seen in the backyard wearing a blue turban with a gold feather on top. He introduces himself as the sultan of Arabia, who lives in a cave full of magical items. Tyrone tells the viewer that he will move his possessions into his new palace later in the day. He sings the song "I Am the Sultan" before the backyard transforms into the desert of Arabia. Tyrone walks up to a cliff and tells the viewer that in order to enter his cave home, the person who seeks entry must recite the magic word, and after a couple tries, manages to remember it as being "Alakazam". The rocks shake, and the cave opens, revealing that it's filled to the brim with gold and treasures and assorted items.

Tyrone tells the viewer he will need Arabia's movers to move his stuff into his new palace. The sultan phones the Movers of Arabia, Uniqua and Pablo, who are currently sleeping on foldable chairs in the middle of the desert next to their moving truck. The ring of the cellphone manages to wake them up so Uniqua answers it. She is ecstatic when she hears the Sultan, because she and Pablo have never had a job before. The two hop into their moving truck and drive to the Sultan's cave.

Tyrone welcomes the movers and tells them what to do: move his belongings into their truck and safely deliver them to his palace, which Uniqua and Pablo gladly promise to. As he shows the movers around the cave, Tyrone reveals that his belongings are actually magical, and they come to life in front of Uniqua and Pablo's very eyes. Mesmerized, Uniqua ends up bumping into a pile of gold, and is able to catch a golden bust of Tyrone before it hits the ground. The bust comes to life and speaks to her, scaring her enough for her to throw it into the air, with Pablo just barely managing to catch it. For precaution, Tyrone summons a bottle out from a box and tells the movers that if anything goes wrong, they should wish for everything to go back to normal, though they can only make three wishes. Tyrone walks off, leaving Uniqua and Pablo in the cave. While singing the song "Movers of Arabia", they load their moving truck with the Sultan's items.

They begin driving. Pablo seems to be incapable of reading the map, stating that he wishes he knew where they were. Thanks to him uttering the words "I wish", the bottle pops open by itself, and from inside it, in a puff of purple smoke, emerges a genie, Austin, who happily informs them they're in Arabia. Pablo and Uniqua scream in terror at this, stopping in their tracks. Pablo points out he didn't wish for anything, but Austin tells him that, because he said "I wish", it counted as a wish. Austin goes back into the bottle, and Pablo, still confused, is to say he wishes he never said that, but quickly covers his mouth when Austin appears again. The movers continue their way to the palace.

Suddenly, they hear thumping noises coming from the trunk. They get out of their van and investigate. After opening the trunk, a magic carpet flies out, panting. Pablo chases after the carpet and hops onto it. Pablo attempts to ride it, but cannot control the carpet. Suddenly, Pablo is whisked off on a joyride aboard the magic carpet, and he screams loudly. Uniqua's cell phone rings, causing her to answer it. Tyrone calls and asks Uniqua how everything is going. Uniqua tells him that everything is going fine. Tyrone asks her if he hears Pablo screaming in the background, but Uniqua tells him that he is screaming with joy.

The movers become hopeless for not knowing how to catch the carpet. Austin pops out of the bottle and suggests to them that they can wish for the carpet to go back in the truck. Pablo says "Oh great and powerful genie, please put the carpet back into the truck." Austin refuses to concretize the wish because they didn't wish right. Austin explains to Uniqua and Pablo how wishes work by singing "I Wish". The movers realize that whenever they say "I wish" they use one of their three wishes, but their wishes will not be granted if they do not say "I wish". After Austin puts the carpet back into the truck, Pablo and Uniqua continue their way to the palace.

Suddenly, they hear thumping noises once again, and stop driving to check out whatever is making the noises. They open the trunk and a small box falls out. Pablo opens the box and falls a few feet away once he opens it. Uniqua asks what is inside, and Pablo answers that wind is inside the box. Uniqua doubts Pablo and opens it herself. Then there was trouble: A tornado comes out of the box. They run to the truck's booth to get the bottle and wish that the box closes, but the bottle is sucked into the tornado as Pablo and Uniqua are sucked as well. Sultan Tyrone calls Uniqua on her cell phone as all of the Sultan's stuff is sucked into the tornado.

Tyrone asks her if his belongings are okay. Uniqua looks around and sees Tyrone's magic things floating around. Uniqua tells him that they look fine. Pablo and Uniqua start spinning around while singing "The Genie Bottle". Afterwards, the two ride the magic carpet down to the box and Pablo closes the lid. Uniqua and Pablo cheer, then they notice their truck falling down. The two scream as the carpet moves out of the way, then all of Tyrone's belongings lightly fall around them.

With ease, Uniqua and Pablo reload everything in the back of the truck and they drive to Sultan Tyrone's new palace. Tyrone, who remains blissfully unaware of the difficulties Uniqua and Pablo encountered on their journey, smiles as the moving truck slowly backs up to the edge of the porch. With high spirits, the two movers open the back of the truck to reveal all of Sultan Tyrone's magical belongings. "We even have one wish left!" exclaims Uniqua. The Sultan compliments them for successfully moving all of his things from the cave to the palace, and rewards them by presenting the final wish. Austin pops out of the genie bottle once more.

Pablo's stomach growls, so he and Uniqua choose to wish for a snack. Austin invites everyone over to his house for cheese and crackers, so Arabia transforms back into the backyard as the children sing the end song. As the episode ends, the four walk to Austin's house via the fence door. Afterwards, Tyrone shouts "Alakazam!" before closing the fence door.




  • It is the fourth episode to contain an internet meme, the first being The Heart of the Jungle, the second being Castaways, and the third being International Super Spy. In the case of this episode, the scene where Pablo and Uniqua find a box containing wind became a meme in early 2022.
  • This is the second episode where Austin is serving cheese and crackers at his house, the first being Whodunit.
  • This is the 32nd episode to be available on YouTube.
  • The cave is from the Arabian Nights story, Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves.
  • Tasha is the only main character who's absent in this episode.
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