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The Movie Theater Storybook collection is a set of books based on Nick Jr. programs, including The Backyardigans. The books were sold with a projector and ten disks that project images from the stories onto a surface. The Backyardigans story included is an adaptation of "The Heart of the Jungle".



"The book comes with its own removable movie projector and ten picture disks that let readers and their parents project images from the movies on the wall as the story is read. The projector includes its own built-in reading light so that book can be read even when lights are dimmed."


  • The cover for "Heart of the Jungle; Blue's Wish" (one of the books included) depicts Tarzan the Very Strong and Professor Tasha. Tasha does not appear in the story.
  • While the Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues stories use images created specifically for the storybook, the Backyardigans story only uses premade promotional images and scenes from the episode.
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