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"News Flash" is a song from the episode of the same name.

Characters singing


Tasha: News flash! Yes, the news is big! It's a huge important story!

Tyrone: News flash! Yes, our corn is great! Now, it's gonna get some glory!

Austin: Gotta get this video out to the nation!

Uniqua: Gotta get huge ratings for our station!

Pablo: Because of our cornfield decoration! News flash!

All: News flash!

Uniqua: It's big, big, big! I'll soon be known as the best reporter... Iowa has ever seen! There's never been a journalist like me...

Pablo and Tyrone: We'll soon be known as the famous farmers, smiling on your TV screen! Tape it, someone, please, so we can see!

Austin: Well, no one gets the glory... if no one sees the story! Let's hurry to the station, and put it on TV!

Uniqua: News flash! Soon the world will know, and they'll know because I told them!

Tyrone: News flash! Maybe bend more corn, maybe flatten them and fold them!

Uniqua: Yes, the aliens are surely here!

Pablo: Maybe make more cornfield shapes appear!

Austin: Boy, I hope this picture is nice and clear! News flash!

All: News flash!

Austin: It's big, big, big!

All: News flash! News flash! It's big, big, big!