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Nick Jr. Too (formerly called Nick Jr. 2) is the Nick Jr. Channel's second channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland, generally presenting popular Nick Jr. programming at other times of the day. It launched 24 April, 2006 under the name Nick Jr. 2.

Nick Jr. 2 was initially launched as a 1-hour timeshift of the main channel, but a few months later, this format was dropped and it became an alternative channel with a completely new schedule, but with Nick Jr. Classics at the same hours. It later reran old shows that the main channel didn't air like I Spy or Sali Mali.

Later on, it showed its own exclusive programmes, and it was advertised as such. Examples of this are It's A Big Big World, the second season of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, and the Nick Jr. Classics block after it left the main channel.

On August 2007, Nick Jr. 2 was launched on Virgin Media.

By July 2013, Nick Jr. 2 had begun broadcasting 21 hours from 3am to 12am, with teleshopping off air.

The channel launched an Irish feed in October 2013.

On 3 November 2014, Nick Jr. 2 was renamed Nick Jr. Too and it began broadcasting 24/7.

In July 2011, Nick Jr. 2 briefly shifted its sign-on to 5 a.m., but this was reverted back to a 6 a.m. sign on a month later.

Nick Jr. Peppa[]

The channel has been rebranded Nick Jr. Peppa on a number of occasions, where Peppa Pig is the only show broadcast, for a month at a time. This first occurred in October 2013, for two months, and again in April 2014 and October 2014.

On October 2, 2017, Another Nick Jr. Peppa broadcast aired on Nick Jr. Too for an entire month, there was also another broadcast on the same channel in August/September 2020.


Current programming[]

  • The Backyardigans
  • Blue's Clues and You!
  • Bob the Builder
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Go, Diego, Go!
  • Peppa Pig

Former Programming[]

  • Animal Alphabet
  • Bubble and Squeak
  • Clangers
  • The Flumps
  • Paddington Bear
  • The Upside Down Show
  • Ivor the Engine
  • King Rollo
  • Spider
  • Button Moon
  • Camberwick Green
  • Astro Farm
  • Bagpuss
  • Mr Benn
  • Rainbow
  • Wobblyland
  • Thomas & Friends
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
  • The Wiggles


  • Cartoon Network TOO, which was also a non-timeshift extension of its main channel, launched the same day as Nick Jr. 2.
  • In the United States, Nick 2 was a showing of Nick shows from the opposite coast's time zone.

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