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Pablo's house is a blue-colored building located on the left side of the backyard, between Tyrone's house and Tasha's house. It is the residence of Pablo and his mentioned mother.


The top half of Pablo's house is blue. The lower half is made of gray cobblestone. It has a matching gray roof and a gray chimney. The porch is made of brown wood. On the porch, there are silver chairs, a blue table, and a blue-and-yellow umbrella. Although the interior has never been clearly shown, a blue couch, some boots and aqua-colored walls are visible when Pablo exits the location. (A staircase is also visible in It's Great to Be a Ghost!).


Pablo's house is visible in every episode of The Backyardigans. It is first shown in the animated pilot and first visited in the It's Great to Be a Ghost! episode. The Big Dipper Diner is the final episode in which it is visited. It can be seen in the series finale.


  • There are 26 episodes having a snack at Pablo's House.
    • His house was tied with Uniqua's for the most times visited.
  • Pablo's house was visited in all 3 double length episodes.
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