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"Pablor and the Acorns" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season. In the United States, it was the series finale of the show to premiere. It aired on July 12, 2013. However, in production order, The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon is actually the series finale in the whole Backyardigans series.



"Acorn Scouts Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin find themselves in the middle of a space race for the Crystal of Power between evil space-dictators Uniquor and Pablor!"


Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin are in the backyard wearing sashes. They introduce themselves as Acorn Scouts, a version of boy scouts and girl scouts that anyone can join. They sing "Acorns" to explain their roles. After the Acorns agree to take a hike to the top of Buttercup Mountain, the backyard transforms into a forest landscape.

Meanwhile, in outer space, a space tyrant named Pablor is fighting with his enemy, Uniquor, to get the Crystal of Power, a rare gem allowing the user complete control of the universe. While fighting over the crystal, they crash into each other, sending Pablor and the crystal flying towards Earth.

As the Acorns are hiking, the Crystal of Power lands on the top of Buttercup Mountain and Pablor's ship crashes near the Acorns. They approach the spaceship and see Pablor walk out and trip. They run to his aid, only for Pablor to walk away and notice the crystal on the mountain. When Tasha asks him why he wants the crystal, Pablor sings "The Crystal of Power" with the Acorns as he explains to them what he wants. Afterwards, Pablor rushes in the direction of Buttercup Mountain, but is stopped by a branch. The Acorns agree that Pablor will need their help to get to the top of Buttercup Mountain. They offer to help Pablor, and he accepts their offer. The Acorns and Pablor start their journey.

They first come across a lake, dubbed "Lake Sunshine." The Acorns spot some canoes nearby, so they board the canoes and get ready to row them. Austin offers to teach Pablor how to row a canoe, but Pablor insists he can do it himself. Austin gets ready to paddle with Tasha and Tyrone, but Pablor starts to shout orders at his canoe, expecting it to move. Austin goes back and teaches Pablor how to paddle a canoe. Once Austin and Pablor meet the other two on the other side of the lake, Austin awards Pablor for learning how to row a canoe with an Acorn merit badge for paddling. Meanwhile, Uniquor, still in space, regains control over her spaceship and starts to look for the Crystal of Power.

Next, the Acorns and Pablor approach a gulch with a bridge to cross, but Pablor is scared to cross it. Tasha volunteers to hold his hand all the way. They sing "Hold My Hand" as they cross it. By the end of the song, they reach the end of the bridge. Tasha gives Pablor a bravery merit badge as a reward for learning how to be brave. As they venture towards Buttercup Mountain, Uniquor pinpoints the location of the crystal.

Finally, Pablor and the Acorns reach Buttercup Mountain. Tyrone teaches Pablor how to climb, and Pablor starts to climb ahead. The Acorns start to climb soon after. Once Pablor reaches the top, he sees the Crystal of Power; however, Uniquor lands on Earth as he notices. The two start to run towards the crystal.

Meanwhile, the Acorns are nearly at the top of the mountain, but then there was trouble: the rope, they were using to climb, starts to snap. They start to shout for Pablor to help them. Uniquor trips on a rock as she's running, giving Pablor the upper hand and allowing him to reach the crystal first; he hears the Acorns' cries for help. Eventually, he decides to help the Acorns just as the rope fully breaks, allowing them to reach the top safely. Pablor says that the Acorns are his friends, and they all go in for a group hug. Their moment is interrupted by Uniquor, who has the crystal. But as she powers the crystal, Pablor says that he doesn't want to rule the universe anymore.

Uniquor is confused, as she truly thought that Pablor would have chosen to take the crystal and gain complete control of the universe. But Pablor explains to her that he would rather be an Acorn and help others as he and the Acorns sings "I'd Rather Be an Acorn". He soon persuades Uniquor to give up the crystal and become an Acorn too.

After the five finish singing, Pablor's stomach growls and he invites the others to a cookout at his house. The mountain transforms back into the backyard and the characters sing the ending song before going to Pablo's house. After they all go into Pablo's house, Pablo opens the previously-shut door and shouts "I'd rather be an Acorn!" before shutting the door again and the mission has success.



  • This is the second to the last episode to have the series of five main characters, as Austin is absent on episodes 77-79.
  • All five main characters are featured in both series finales (The other being The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon, the finale in production order).


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