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The Phonics Reading Program is a kit containing twelve The Backyardigans booklets, a set of flash cards, a sticker sheet, and a page of instructions. The books included were not sold separately and the kit itself was sold as an individual book.


  1. "Band of Pirates" (Short A)
  2. "In the Jungle" (Short I)
  3. "Spot the Frog" (Short O)
  4. "Bug Hunt" (Short U)
  5. "Let's Jet" (Short E)
  6. "Race Around the Globe" (Final E)
  7. "Ghost Chase" (CH, SH, TH, WH)
  8. "Secret Agents" (Plurals)
  9. "A Race Through Space" (Long A)
  10. "Ice Climb" (Long I)
  11. "Under the Sea" (Long E)
  12. "Stone of Power" (Long O)


"Based on the best research on how children develop reading skills, this twelve-book box set introduces a carefully selected progression of letter sounds to help build a young reader's confidence. With repeated examples of the letter sounds being focused on, as well as 'words to learn' and 'words to sound out,' these books will readily appeal to the Backyardigans' audience of beginning readers as they capture all of the familiar elements from the hit TV show."

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