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This article is the episode. For the amusement park ride, see Pirate Treasure (ride).
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"Pirate Treasure" is a pirate-themed episode of the first season of The Backyardigans, and also the first episode of the series altogether. It was the first episode ever made for the season (production code #101), first aired in Canada, and third aired in the United States.



"In this Jamaican Reggae-style pirate adventure, Captains Uniqua and Austin sail the high seas in search of treasure. Will they find it before Captains Pablo and Tyrone, or will they walk the plank?"


The very first episode of the series starts with Uniqua first shown coming out of her house and into the backyard. She explains to the viewer how she is a scurvy pirate because she has a patch over her left eye and says Arrrr. She sings the song "A Pirate Says Arr." Austin comes out to greet her. Austin tells Uniqua that he is a pirate as well, and Uniqua agrees to let him aboard her pirate ship Uniqua draws a skull and crossbones flag in the sandbox. Uniqua has half a treasure map to guide them to a treasure. The two pirates run off.

The camera moves to Tyrone and Pablo, playing ball on the left side of the backyard. When Tyrone accidentally kicks the ball near the sandbox, Pablo runs to it. He suddenly notices the skull and crossbones Uniqua had drawn earlier. Tyrone exclaims that pirates have come to the backyard. Pablo finds half of a treasure map. Pablo tells him that the two of them should become pirates and follow the map to find the treasure, just for all the money and gold they would have. Tyrone likes the idea and agrees. The backyard transforms into the ocean, which Pablo and Tyrone are sailing across in a large pirate ship.

Pablo is a peg-legged pirate in charge of steering the ship, turning the boat's wooden wheel at every turn. Tyrone is the lookout. Tyrone asks Pablo what they would do if they ran into other pirates, and Pablo answers with "make them walk the plank!" because they are very rough and tough pirates. They start to sing the song "A Pirate Says Arr." The camera turns to Uniqua and Austin, further into the ocean, on a pirate ship as well. Uniqua is the captain, and Austin is the lookout. Uniqua repetitively asks Austin if he sees any islands or pirate ships. Austin answers "no" and "not yet" frequently.

Pablo decides to catch Uniqua and Austin. Tyrone asks him what they would do when they catch them. All the pirates sing "A Scurvy Pirate," having the same question. Pablo and Tyrone boarded the other pirates' ship and surprised them.

Uniqua and Austin are ordered to walk over to the ship. Austin, with his telescope, and Pablo, with his, are told to fight with them. Pablo knocks Austin's portable telescope out of his hand, and Tyrone catches it, winning the match. Uniqua and Austin are sentenced to walk the plank due to their loss. Both of them obey. Then there was trouble: as the two are ready to jump off, the ship shakes, and Austin and Uniqua fall off the plank. They look around, realizing that they are on a desert island. The two scurry off into the more forest-like center of the island.

Pablo and Tyrone have waited a matter of time since making the other pirate pair walk the plank. Pablo suddenly realizes they are floating near the island shown on their treasure map. They jump off the ship. Pablo tells Tyrone to run after the treasure before Uniqua and Austin find it.

Pablo and Tyrone dash onto the island. Suddenly, there was trouble: the two pairs of pirates bump into each other. They are all shocked, and the halves of the map fall from their hands. Tyrone saw that they could fix the maps together. On the map was an "X" marked, which indicates where the treasure was. All the pirates decide to team up and find the treasure together. The four pirates journey into the island's center, following their full map. They sing the song "Treasure."

The team stops as their path leads to a massive pit of gobbling mud. They look around for a way across and spot a palm tree. Pablo is pessimistic because he has a peg leg. But Tyrone tells him he can do it. Uniqua walks across it slowly while starting the song "Falling Off a Log." She comes to the other side and tells the rest of the crew that it is safe to cross.

Tyrone crosses next and sings the second part of the song. Austin crosses third. After three out of four pirates have crossed, Pablo dares to go. Because of his peg leg, he walks across slower than any other pirate. He sings the last part of the song. Pablo stops singing as he begins to lose his balance. After the others give Pablo more confidence, he gets on track again and crosses safely.

The pirates are now deep into the island's center. Austin thinks he's spotted an "X," but Tyrone points out that it's the letter "T." The team thinks about this, knowing that no one would bury a treasure under the letter "T." They advance, and Austin excitedly spots the letter "U." Pablo finds the letter "V," then Tyrone finds the letter "W." They all realize that the sand trail consists of letters from the alphabet. Tyrone goes through the list, and Uniqua spots the letter "X." She starts to dig with a shovel. After a lot of digging, her shovel hits something hard. They uncover it, revealing the item as a treasure chest. The pirates open it and find a large diamond. They then bury the precious jewel.

They realize that other pirates will just come and find the treasure. After they buried the diamond, Uniqua decided to mark it with the letter "Y." The other pirates agree and help her cover the chest up. Pablo's stomach growls, and Uniqua offers grapes that they all could come to her house for a snack.

The island transforms into the backyard as the four friends sing the end song. They then run into Uniqua's house for snack time. Uniqua opens the door and exclaims, "Arr!" as the episode ends.




  • This is the first official episode:
    • To air on Treehouse TV.
    • In the Canadian airing or production order: where the Backyardigans appear without Tasha, and the first time Austin, Tyrone and Pablo visited Uniqua's House for a snack.
    • To be made in 2004, as indicated by the copyright stamp.
    • In production order where Pablo undergoes a panic attack.
  • This is the first season premiere that Austin appears in.
  • This is the only Canadian season premiere:
    • That Tasha doesn't appear in.
    • In which not all the five main characters appear.
      • This is the first episode in the Canadian airing or US airing order where Tasha is absent.
  • Tasha is the only Backyardigan that isn't featured in this episode.
  • This episode marks the debut of Austin in the Canadian airing capacity.
    • This is the second episode in US airing order where Austin appears.
  • Not counting the intro or the two pilots, Uniqua is the first character to appear and speak in the series.
  • This is the only episode in the entire series to be released on multiple DVDs.
  • This is the official first episode to be available on YouTube.



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