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"Right Where She Belongs" is a song from the episode "Elephant on the Run".

Characters singing


Tasha: When you're an Asian elephant, the world can seem real scary.

Pablo: So many buildings, cars and trucks.

Tyrone: They need a sanctuary.

Uniqua: Some place with water grass and trees.

Austin: And room to roam.

Tasha: For animals like elephants, a place they can call home.

Tyrone: Every plant, every tree. Has a place they ought to be.

Tasha: Now she's finally in the place where she belongs.

All: Where she belongs!

Tasha: Here, there's water all around.

All: To bathe in and to drink.

Tasha: Elephants eat tons of grass.

Tasha: They're hungrier than you think.

Uniqua: Look at all the friends she's made.

Austin: They're playing by the shore.

Tyrone: A herd to keep each other safe.

Pablo: Isn't that what friends are for?

Austin: Every ant, every flea has some place they're meant to be.

Tyrone: Every songbird needs a place to sing its song!

Tasha: Elephants needn't fear, they've got all they need right here.

Uniqua: Yes, she's finally in the place where she belongs!

Pablo: Got room to roam now.

All: She's right where she belongs!

Tasha: This is her home now.

All: She's right where she belongs!