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"Robot Rampage" is a robotic-themed hour long episode of The Backyardigans from the Fourth season. It was the final double length episode overall and the sixth episode in the fourth season of the show to premiere in the United States. It is also the first episode to be produced in 2009.


"Robot Repairman Austin has an unexpectedly busy day in futuristic Mega City when all the robots go on a rampage set to roller disco! When the evil Professor Bug (Pablo) starts making all the robots malfunction, it's up to Repairman Austin to save the day in this double-length adventure!"


The third and final duology episode starts with Austin exiting the fence dividing his house from the others' houses, and introduces himself as Austin, the owner of a robot repair shop. He asks his toy robot, Robot Roscoe if he needs any repairs. Roscoe answers with "All systems A-OK," and causes Austin to feel bad. He explains to the viewer that robots never break as he sings, "I'm a Robot Repairman." The repairman then starts walking off to Mega City, The backyard transforms into a large futuristic community where robots perform everyday chores and regular tasks.

Austin and Roscoe enter a white building known as the repair shop. The phone rings, but instead of answering it, he goes crazy because someone actually called. Roscoe tells him to answer it, and he does. On the other end is Uniqua, saying her robot is on a rampage! Austin gets into his car along with Robot Roscoe and heads off to Uniqua's futuristic house.

The two repairmen enter the house and see Uniqua's robot, Robot Reba, baking cookies wildly. Unbeknownst to them, an evil penguin professor watches them evilly. Uniqua says that she cannot even taste a cookie. They sing "Robot on a Rampage" as Austin attempts to reach Reba's control panel. He succeeds and shuts down the robot. A screw emerges, and unknown to them, the screw transforms into a robotic bug and flies away.

Suddenly, they hear screams coming from outside. Tyrone's robot, Robot Ripley, is stealing all the mailboxes off the street. They sing "Robot on a Rampage" again until Ripley shuts down. A screw emerges, crawls under the truck, and flies back to the professor. The citizens and repairmen hear the professor laugh maniacally, but the professor slips away.

Then there was trouble: they hear another shriek. Tasha's robot, Robot Racquel, is on a rampage in a car driving out of control. Austin jumps onto the floating car and shuts down Racquel, and catches a screw that comes out of her. They walk into town but realize that something's fishy. Then the evil professor appears on every screen in Mega City and explains who he is while singing "I Am Professor Bug." The citizens and repairmen try to escape, but the bugged robots surround the four as Bug watches from the giant screen and the mission continues in the second part.

The residents Uniqua, Tyrone, and Tasha, Repairman Austin and his robot, Roscoe, are shown surrounded by a group of evil robots. They safely enter in Austin's repair shop. Austin shows the others the loose screw that fell out of Tasha's robot. The screw starts to follow Robot Roscoe in an attempt to bug him. Tyrone is afraid of the screws and runs away as the others sing "Screw Loose". They enter Austin's truck and fly to the Robotics Lab to stop Professor Bug and his evil plan. Meanwhile, Professor Bug is bossing around his new robot servants. Bug sings "I Get Whatever I Want" as he explains that he gets everything he wishes for, no matter how ridiculous his request is. His board of lights show under his control, all the lights are red except one, the green light means there's a robot somewhere that wasn't under Professor Bug's control. He orders his own robot, Rex Robot, to find the last uncontrolled robot in Mega City: Robot Roscoe.

Austin has a plan to sneak into Bug's lair: to dress up as robot servants and steal the remote causing the robots to go bad. They drive to the lair and sing "Like a Robot" as they dress up as robots. Robot Roscoe tells them that they have a lot of work to do if they want to be robots. Austin roller skates into Bug's lair, acting as if he was truly a mechanical robot. He says the same sayings, does the same actions, and copies the other robots. Austin covers Roscoe's green lights with red stickers so he blends in. They skate up to Professor Bug's room.

Bug orders some ice cream for his enjoyment. Austin and Roscoe get him rocky road ice cream and return to him. The professor sloppily eats the dessert. Bug sings "I Get Whatever I Want" again. Austin grabs the remote but Bug pulled it. He discovers that he's not a robot and realizes that he is a robot repairman and he is on Roscoe's side. He orders Rex Robot to get them. Austin steals the remote, but Rex and Bug chase him. This goes on for several minutes as the characters sing "Give Me the Remote". They pass it to the good guys, but every once and a while Bug catches it.

Austin press the button on the remote to shut down every robot in the city, even Rex Robot. Then they confront the professor for controlling the robots and Uniqua says that now all the robots in Mega City are broken. Professor Bug tells him that he realized his mistake and will help repair all the robots of Mega City. Austin's stomach growls and Tasha assumes the sound is coming from a rampaging robot. Austin tells her that it is just his stomach. Pablo invites everyone over for rocky road ice cream at his house. They all accept as the lair transforms back into the backyard. They sing the end song and enter Pablo's house. Austin opens the previously closed door and shouts, "All systems A-OK!", and the mission has success.



  • This episode was released exclusively in the United States to the DVD "Robot Repairman" before premiering on the main Nickelodeon channel 6 months later.
  • This is the first official episode of the show:
    • In the DVD, or production order: where Nicholas Barasch and Avion Baker provide the singing voices for Austin and Uniqua, and have Tyrone's speaking lines dubbed by Chris Grant Jr..
    • Where Pablo's singing voice sounds much deeper.
    • To be produced in 2009 according to the copyright claim.
    • To be broadcast in 16:9 Widescreen and 1080i HD, however, Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon both aired it in 4:3 Full Screen.
  • It is practically the third and last episode of the series that runs over 46 minutes, the last two were "International Super Spy" and "Tale of the Mighty Knights".
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