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This page contains a list of all Fantazery (Фантазеры, the Russian dub) DVDs that have been released so far. 4 DVDs and 2 DVD packs have been released in Russia as of December, 2008.  They are all presented in 4:3 full screen and feature a two audio tracks - a Russian translation track over the original audio, and an American English dub track, both in 2.0 Stereo.


Cover Name Release Date # of Episodes Episodes/Bonus
Фантазеры Полет на Марс
Полет на Марс ?? 4

1. Полет на Марс (Flying to Mars)

2. Пирог самурая (The Samurai of Pie)

3. Боюсь тебя! (I'm Scared of You!)

Fantazery Vol
Робин Гуд ?? 4

4. Робин Гуд (Robin Hood)

5. Два мушкетера (The Two Musketeers)

6. Замаскированная охотничья собака (The Disguised Retriever)

Fantazery Vol
На глубине Серия ?? 4

7. На глубине Серия (Into The Deep)

8. Экстренное сообщение (Special News Bulletin)

9. Спасти положение (Rescue the Day)

Fantazery Vol
Сказка о великих рыцарях ?? 4

10. Сказка о великих рыцарях, 1 (The Tale of the Grand Knights)

11. Сказка о великих рыцарях, 2 (The Tale of the Grand Knights, 2)

12. Молниеносные ракетки (Flamin' Racquets)

DVD Packs[]

Cover Name Release Date # of Episodes Episodes
Russian Three Pack
Подарочное издание (Gift Set) (n/a) 15

Re-release of volumes 1-3.

Cover Name Release Date # of Episodes Episodes
Fantazery 4DVD
Дружная команда (The Team of Friends) (n/a) 15

Re-release of all discs above.