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"Secret Mission" is a secret agent special mission-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the first season. This was marked as the fifth episode produced, and to premiere in Canada and the United States.



"Secret agents Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are on a secret mission set to Argentinian and Uruguayan Tango to sneak past a Treasure Museum's booby traps and return a treasure to its rightful owner."


The episode begins with Pablo coming out of his house. He tells the viewer that he is a secret agent who has to do and say certain things to keep his job undercover. Tyrone tip-toes sneakily behind a tree. Pablo says it sounds like Agent Tyrone, one of his two partners. Tyrone sneaks up behind Pablo and scares him. Pablo compliments Tyrone on a well-done job, but the two hear a rustle behind them. They think it is the other member of their team, Agent Uniqua. Uniqua does an acrobatic ground somersault and lands to the left of Pablo.

Pablo finally tells Uniqua and Tyrone their next mission: to, with Pablo, sneak into the Treasure Museum to return a strange bone to its mystery owner. Tyrone warns that the museum is full of traps and alarms, but Uniqua says that secret agents can always find a way to sneak in. All the agents sing the song "Secret Agent." The backyard transforms into a dark night in the city. The trio walks over to the museum. Pablo shows everyone his spy gadget, Uniqua shows her spy rope, and Tyrone shows everyone his spy maple syrup. The two doubt they will ever need the syrup, but they shrug it off.

Uniqua attempts to enter the museum using the front door, but Pablo stops her saying if they walk in, they might set off an alarm or a booby trap and be caught. Uniqua agrees and reminds them that secret agents sneak in. Pablo uses a key on his spy gadget to open a lock on the wall that opens a secret entrance to the underground hallway of the museum. Uniqua uses her rope to go down there.

They get into the hallway and sing "Sneaking and Hiding." Pablo checks his gadget, and it says that it is a shortcut in the hall of precious jewels. The three enter inside and admire them. They see a huge diamond. Uniqua bumps into the pedestal where the diamond is and knocks it over. Tyrone catches it. A cage drops over them. Tyrone tries to lift the diamond back onto the pedestal, but he is too short, and the pedestal is too high. Pablo uses his spy gadget to lift the diamond back up, and the cage goes up. Pablo checks his gadget, and it says that they need to go to the hall of Egyptian treasures. Uniqua opens a door, and grids come down. Pablo finds a secret entrance through a sarcophagus. They enter inside, and the door of the coffin closes behind them.

The trio walks farther into the exhibit, singing "The Treasures of Ancient Egypt." Pablo checks his spy gadget to see if the mystery owner is there. The readings say that the owner is not in the room. It is in a closed room up ahead called the Gargantuan Gallery. The three agents look around for an exit. Uniqua sees a small square window on the wall and uses her spy rope to carry herself and the other agents up.

They all walk further, finding a small room with an open door. Tyrone walks to the door. Suddenly, four laser beams appeared and blocked the exit. They sing "Laser Limbo Tango (Limbo Rock)" as they limbo under the beams, but then there was trouble: Pablo drops his spy gadget behind them. As he tries to grab it, he accidentally touches one of the laser beams, signaling the door to close and locking the device inside the small laser room. The three enter the last exhibit, the Gargantuan Gallery, and according to the spy gadget, the owner is there. They look at things like shark mouths and giant humanoid busts. While they continued to search, Uniqua tripped on a dinosaur skeleton. They wonder if the dinosaur is the mystery owner because the bone is shaped like a toe. Each of his feet has five toes. Tyrone realizes one foot is missing a toe after each agent counts on three other of the skeleton's feet.

When they try to put the toe back on, it will not stick on. Tyrone uses his spy maple syrup to stick it on. He brags about how he knew all along that they would need it. Then there was trouble due to the celebration: an alarm suddenly goes off, and the agents run away. A cage then emerges from the floor and traps them. Uniqua uses her rope to get them out of the museum through a skylight. The dinosaur skeleton somehow talks and thanks them for his toe. The three say, “you’re welcome. Just doing our job!” and go out of the museum, and Tyrone's stomach growls. Uniqua says that her mom made brownies (cookies in the UK dub) for them, and invites the others to her house for a snack.

The museum transforms back into the backyard as they sing the end song and go inside Uniqua's house. Pablo opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Doo-doo-doo!" before reclosing the door and the mission has success.




  • This is the fifth episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is the first episode for many things. This is the first episode:
    • In the US airing or production order to only feature three main characters instead of 4 or 5, having two absent.
    • To openly refer to one of the characters by their species, with Tyrone being called "secret agent limbo moose" during "Laser Limbo Tango (Limbo Rock)."
    • Where one of the main characters mentions their parent making the snack after the adventure, but it's never shown in this episode and the others.
    • Where the US airing episode number properly matches its production code.
  • This and Monster Detectives are the only 2 episodes in Season 1 to only feature 3 main characters instead of 4 or 5.
  • This is also the second and final episode where the background music and score are not original, the other one was The Snow Fort.
  • The "doo-doo-doo" is similar to the theme song from Mission Impossible.
  • This is the first Season 1 episode with only Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone.
  • Tasha and Austin are the only Backyardigans who aren't featured in this episode.
    • This is the third episode in the Canadian airing, or production order, where Tasha and Austin are absent.
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