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This is the transcript of Secret Mission.

Pablo/Tyrone/Uniqua/Tasha/Austin: [All Together reading The Episode's Title] "Secret Mission."

[Vicious Music plays in The background as Pablo secretly appears behind His door]

Pablo: "Hi, I'm Pablo. And I'm, A secret agent. Secret Agents go on secret missions, And we have background Music. Sneaky background music, "Da-Da-Doo", Danger background Music, "Dun Dun Duuuun!", And If we give up-" [Trips and Falls over] "Wah-wah-waaaaah!" {Gets back up on his feet] No matter what happens, A secret agent always stays cool. I'm Cool."

Tyrone: "Da-Da-doo."

Pablo: "Don't look but, I think a member of My secret agent team is trying to make contact."

Tyrone: *Laughs*

Pablo: "I Think its Agent Tyrone."

Tyrone: "All clear Agent Pablo?"

Pablo: "All clear, Agent Tyrone."

Pablo: "Very sneaky, Agent Tyrone."

Tyrone: "Thank you Agent Pablo. But where's The third member of our Team?"

Pablo: "You mean Agent Uniqua?"

Uniqua: "Da-da-doo!" *Both Pablo and Tyrone turned around as Uniqua disappears behind A Tree*

Pablo: "Don't look but, I think a Third member of Our team is trying to make contact. Stay Cool."

Tyrone: "I'm Cool!"

Pablo: "Me Too."

Uniqua: "All clear Agents?"

Tyrone: "All Clear!"

Pablo/Tyrone/Uniqua: *All Together Starts singing "Secret Agent"

Tyrone: "What's our secret mission Agent Pablo?"

Pablo: "Our secret mission is... [Quietly] To sneak into The Treasure Museum."

Tyrone/Uniqua: "The Treasure Museum?"

Pablo: "To return This... [Opens a Box revealing A Dinosaur bone] To its secret owner."

Uniqua: "What's That?"

Tyrone: "I Never seen anything like it."

Pablo: "Nobody knows... It's A mystery."

Uniqua: "What's the secret owner?"

Pablo: "I dunno. Its a secret. But its Somewhere in The Treasure Museum, in all of The precious treasures."

Tyrone: "But The Treasure Museum has all sorts of alarms and booby traps. Could be dangerous!"

Uniqua: "But Secret Agents can always find a way to sneak in.'

[They continue singing "Secret Agent"]

Pablo: "Okay Secret Agents. Our mission will begin outside of The Treasure Museum, We meet, At the stroke of New York, Next to the front door on top of The Big Steps."

[The Backyard Them transitions to The Treasure Museum at Night. By then, Pablo, Tyrone, And Uniqua all sneak into The front door With their secret agent outfits on.]

Pablo: "Okay agents, Equipment check. Spy Gadget, This will help us find A way into The Museum. And It's got attachments."

Uniqua: "Wow, A Spy Gadget."

Tyrone: "That'll come in handy."

Uniqua: "And look at This, It'll get us out of some tight situations." [Uses the Spy power-rope on A Giant Pillar]

Pablo: "Wow! A Spy power rope."

Tyrone: "That'll come in handy too. Now Check this out." [He then Brings out some Mable Syrup] *Spy Mable Syrup."

Pablo/Uniqua: [In confusion] "Mable Syrup?"

Uniqua: "What's that for?"

Tyrone: "In case we need something sticky. Da-da-doo! I think that'll come in handy."

Uniqua: "If you say so. Come on, Let's get going."

Pablo: "Wait Uniqua!" "If you just walk in, You might set off an alarm, or A booby trap!"

Tyrone: "Then we'll get caught! Dun Dun Duuuun!"

Pablo: "Secret Agents never get caught."

Uniqua: "You're right. Besides, Secret agents never just walk in, We sneak in."

All Three of Them: "Da-da-doo!"

Pablo: "What we need is, [Uses his Spy gadget to activate a Trap door beside them] A secret entrance."

Uniqua: "Sneaky."

Tyrone: "Extremely Sneaky. But How do we get down there?"

Uniqua: "No Problem. Spy Power Rope! Grab on agents, We're going down."