"Someday" is a song from the episode "The Great Dolphin Race".

Characters singing


Tyrone: Somewhere, some racer has the speed... to challenge me and my blue steed! I haven't met that racer yet... and when I do, well you can bet... the race we race is going to be... the best in racing history! Someday...

Uniqua: will be stupendous!

Tyrone: Someday...

Pablo: will be enormous!

Tyrone: Someday...

Uniqua: will be tremendous!

Tyrone: I have no clue who it will be, but someday someone will race me!

Tyrone: (speaking) Who am I kidding? There's no one good enough to race me!

Uniqua: (speaking) You think I'll ever get to race a dolphin?

Pablo: (speaking) Sure thing! One day, you will!

Uniqua: All racing fans around the world... will ask themselves: "Who is that girl?". They'll cheer and wave as I race past... and wonder how I ride so fast.

Pablo: When you race by, the folks will yell: "Your trainer sure has trained you well!" Someday...

Uniqua:'ll be phenomenal!

Pablo: Someday...

Uniqua:'ll be exceptional!

Pablo: Someday...

Uniqua:'ll be incredible!

Pablo: Right now, it may be hard to see... but someday soon, that'll be me!

Pablo and Uniqua: Someday, you'll be amazing! Someday, you'll be astonishing! Someday, you'll be astounding! Right now, it may be hard to see...

Pablo: ...but someday soon that will be me!

Uniqua: But someday soon that will be me!

Pablo and Uniqua: But someday soon that will be me!

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