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Episode Information

"Super Team Awesome!" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season.



"Tyrone is the tour guide for Old Gushie cavern, at the bottom of which is Old Gushie: the first volcano to erupt on schedule like a geyser. A boulder breaks loose and threatens to plug Old Gushie and Tyrone calls a superhero for help. Three arrive: Strong Blossom with her super strength, Pirate Pablo, with his ability to blow powerful wind from his mouth and Jungle Girl, with the ability to mimic any animal ability. Can the three of them use their powers to prevent the boulder from plugging Old Gushie, or will the Earth crack in half?"


Tyrone is in the backyard wearing a blue cap with the Old Gushie emblem. He introduces himself to the viewer as a tour guide for the Old Gushie cavern while singing the song "I'm a Tour Guide". The backyard transforms into a museum/cavern as Tour Guide Tyrone runs into the cavern. He shows the viewer a diagram of the mine track, spillio-bacteria (a sticky substance), and slip-rock (a slippery substance).

Tour Guide Tyrone displays a television set, showing a drawing of Old Gushie (a volcano that erupts on schedule like a geyser). Old Gushie erupts, but the force of the eruption causes a huge boulder to come out of place and roll down towards Old Gushie. Tour Guide Tyrone calls three superheroes to come to the Old Gushie Cavern so the boulder does not plug Old Gushie and cause a Geothermal Backfire which could split the Earth in half. Three superheroes arrive. One introduces herself as Princess Strong Blossom, another as Pirate Pablo, and the last as Jungle Girl. They sing the song "I'm a Superhero".

They watch the boulder fall and use a mine cart to follow it. Jungle Girl explains in broken English how she will use one of her animal powers to save the world. She says that she will be a bird to fly over to the boulder and destroy it. She shouts "Super ostrich power!", and does not realize that ostriches cannot fly. Jungle Girl falls as the three try to save her. Tour Guide Tyrone grabs her hand and Jungle Girl gets back into the cart. They end their mine track ride. they Old Gushie erupts up. but Tyrone claps his hands and yells, "People! People!" again. and four jumps into it exit.

They end up in a giant area of spillio-bacteria. They get stuck into it, and so does the boulder. Then there was trouble: Pirate Pablo blows a tornado to get them unstuck, but the boulder gets unstuck as well. They fly out of the area and the boulder goes rolling, they go down a wooden elevator and exited it when Old Gushie erupts and they slide into another area, this time full of slip-rock. The slip-rock causes the four to slide around, and the boulder does the same actions. Princess Strong Blossom holds the boulder, but she slides to a point where she ends up on top of it. Princess Strong Blossom rolls around until she is saved by the other superheroes. The boulder falls and plugs up Old Gushie, and the superheroes want to give up. Tour Guide Tyrone encourages them to continue by singing "Superheroes for Goodness' Sake". They go down to the location so they can see the boulder, plugging Old Gushie.

Pirate Pablo tries to blow it away, but fails. Jungle Girl uses "rhinoceros power" to ram her head into it, but ends up falling on the floor due to a headache. Then there was trouble: the ground starts cracking. Princess Strong Blossom pushes it while Jungle Girl pulls it, and it eventually comes out. The heroes decide to name their team of heroes "Super Team Awesome". They cheer and celebrate while singing "Super Team Awesome!"

Tour Guide Tyrone's stomach growled and Jungle Girl invites everybody to her house to eat animal crackers. The three others accept as the cavern transforms back into the backyard, and the Superheroes transforms back to Normal. They all sing the end song and come from behind Pablo's house and shout "Go, Super Team Awesome!"


Running Gags

  • Whenever Tyrone's watch beeps, Old Gushie erupts.
  • Whenever they were panicking, Tyrone claps his hands and shouts, "People! People!", and tries to get them to safety or tell them that they can't give up because they're superheroes.



  • If the gang is riding on the cart, they should have been wearing helments.


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