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Télé-Québec is a French-language public educational television network owned by the Government of Quebec. The channel broadcasts The Backyardigans (as Les Mélodilous).


The majority of the children's programs on Télé-Québec are acquired from other networks. Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer and The Backyardigans have become staples of the channel.

Télé-Québec's cultural programming reflects Quebec's diverse cultural expression in fiction, songs, music, cinema, visual art, and drama. The channel presents a range of films, including "auteur" films by notable directors and documentaries. All films are shown without commercial interruptions.

Télé-Québec also hosts debate and discussion-oriented shows that allow for an exchange of ideas and perspectives on social and political issues. Points chauds is a show on international political issues. Méchant contraste! is a pan-Quebec magazine show on social, political, and economic issues. Dussault-Débat is a debate show.