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"Tale of the Mighty Knights" is an hour long medieval-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the third season. This was also the second double length episode of the series, and the first third season episode aired in the United States. It also marked the first appearances of Gianna Bruzzese and Gabriella Malek as the new speaking voice and singing voice of Tasha, and the first time Tyrone's singing voice is dubbed by Tyrel Jackson Williams.



"King Pablo has a challenge for Knights Uniqua and Tyrone - guard this egg! Find out how challenging egg-sitting can be in this royal rock operetta, as the 'runny' egg leads the Brave Knights past the Grabbing Goblin and the Flighty Fairy and up Dragon Mountain!"


Once upon a time, there was Uniqua and Tyrone are outside in the backyard. Uniqua and Tyrone explain to the viewer that they are knights and sing the song "We're Knights, That's Right". The backyard transforms into a medieval land. In the distance, a castle appears. Uniqua and Tyrone explain that it is King Pablo's castle.

The duo walk to King Pablo's castle. They enter the castle and greet the king politely. The king tells them that he has a very important task for them to complete. He starts to sing the song "I Have a Challenge". After a lot of hesitation, Pablo agrees to tell them that their challenge is to guard his egg while he buys a new crown. Uniqua and Tyrone think it's a bit of a letdown to give such brave, powerful knights this easy task. The King tells them he expected that and that they will see how hard it is.

Pablo walks out of the castle to get his new crown. He leaves Uniqua and Tyrone with the turquoise, purple-spotted egg. The knights stand there, waiting for the king to come back with his headgear. Then there was trouble: Uniqua bumps into the egg's stand, knocking it off of its stand. Tyrone and Uniqua run after the egg, trying to catch it and stop it from rolling away. The king's most prized possession rolls out the castle door.

Uniqua and Tyrone are stressed. If the king finds out about the egg breaking, they would be in a lot of trouble. The egg rolls off into a forest. Uniqua and Tyrone hop on to their horses to catch the egg. They pass Pablo picking out his crown at an outside market. Along the way, they name it Eggbert. The egg crosses a river and some rocks. The egg, with the knights following close behind, suddenly rolls on to the doorstep of the Grabbing Goblin (Austin).

The Grabbing Goblin finds the egg and brings it into his house made of wood. He names it Eggwin. He sings the song "That Goblin Has Grabbed". Meanwhile, the knights are running into the Goblin's house. The Grabbing Goblin grabs their shields and helmets. The knights get mad, but they are more concerned about the fact that their helmets and shields were taken. They move into the cavern and ask the Grabbing Goblin to give the egg back. He refuses. They even ask "Pretty please with a cherry on top?", which would usually trick the Grabbing Goblin into giving it back, but the egg was rather special to him. The Grabbing Goblin does not give it back, so the knights chase the Grabbing Goblin into a fast flowing river in the caverns.

The knights find some driftwood and use it as a canoe as the goblin just runs on the ceiling upside down. As the current catches up to the Goblin, Uniqua grabs the egg, then ducks back down after seeing a twig would impact her. The Goblin jumps into the boat, and he and Tyrone start to tug on the egg. Uniqua warns that a waterfall closeby. The three try to paddle backwards, but they are too late. In time, the Grabbing Goblin jumps and grabs a twig attached to the ceiling. The knights grab his legs. This left Sir Tyrone wondering what to do next. The Goblin tells the knights that his nose itches and he needs to scratch it, but the knights tell him that if he scratches it, they will all fall. Uniqua tells him that she will scratch it with her free hand, but cannot reach his nose. The Grabbing Goblin offers Uniqua his hand so she can get up higher, but then there was trouble: he inadvertently lets go of the twig.

The Grabbing Goblin, Tyrone, Uniqua, and the egg fall down. They suddenly see light and head for a way out of the cave. They then come to a forest, the forest where the Flighty Fairy lives. The egg sprouts two legs and runs off. The Flighty Fairy, Tasha, notices the egg. She immediately falls in love with it and uses her magic wand to make it fly in the air. She names it Eggy. The knights and the goblin find the fairy and ask her if she could give the egg back. The Flighty Fairy refuses. She sings the song "Tweedily-Dee". While the Flighty Fairy is playing with the egg, the Grabbing Goblin grabs her wand and tries to put the egg in the ground, but they accidentally let it falls. Before reach the ground, the egg sprouts wings and flies away.

The Grabbing Goblin, the knights, and the Flighty Fairy start to journey off to find the egg. They suddenly find themselves following the egg to Dragon Mountain, a legendary mountain believed to be the home of a fire-breathing dragon. The egg flies into a large crack in the mountain, where the vicious dragon is thought to live. As they trek up the mountain, the goblin, the knights, and the fairy sing the song "The Top of Dragon Mountain".

They walk all the way up to the large opening and look inside. The mountain is filled with lava and dark, black rock platforms. The four look around for the egg. The Grabbing Goblin finds the egg, broken and shattered with nothing inside. They look around for what was inside, but they come across a large green dragon instead. They all run away in different directions. The dragon, which is actually the egg in his older form, thinks that the medieval characters are playing a game of tag. Then there was trouble: he chases them playfully.

The adventurers are terrified. They all scram and run away faster. The dragon is very excited. After a while of running and screaming, the four questers begin to realize that they have stopped at a dead end - they are all standing at the edge of a cliff, and at the bottom falls a mile's worth of spiky rocks. The dragon comes after them and all expect that it is the end. The dragon does not eat them, though, instead he picks them up with his tail and gives them a ride to King Pablo's castle.

Dragon sings "I'm Not an Egg Anymore" as the characters fly toward the castle. King Pablo is waiting for them. He is shocked when he sees the dragon, but quickly realizes that the dragon is his hatched egg. The knights, Flighty Fairy, and Grabbing Goblin all ask what the dragon should be named: Eggbert, Eggwin, or Eggy. Pablo tells them that he will be named Dragon. The king's stomach growls and his knights, thinking that the noise is coming from a monster, shout "En garde!" Pablo tells them that it is just his stomach and asks his friends if they want to come over to his house for egg salad. The four think that it would be cruel to have egg salad after just rescuing an egg. Pablo tells them he is just kidding.

The medieval land turns back into the backyard, the Grabbing Goblin and the Flighty Fairy transforms back to Austin and Tasha, and Dragon disappears. The five characters sing the end song and go into Pablo's house. Uniqua and Tyrone open the previously closed door and shout "We're knights, that's right!".




  • This is practically the second episode of the entire series that runs over 46 minutes, the first one being "International Super Spy".
  • This is the first episode:
    • In any airing capacity where Tasha's speaking lines are provided by Gianna Bruzzese, and the first time her singing voice was dubbed by Gabriella Malek.
    • In the US airing or production order in which Tyrone's singing voice is provided by Tyrel Jackson Williams.
  • This is also the first episode in the US airing order of Season 3 where all 5 main characters appear.
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