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Teddy is Pablo's plush teddy bear and favorite toy. Pablo treats Teddy as a real person.


Teddy is mostly brown. It wears a beanie hat similar to Pablo's, with blue and yellow stripes and a red propeller. Teddy has brown feet and brown paws. In "Catch that Train!", Teddy wears an outfit exactly like Tsar Tyrone's. In "The Funnyman Boogeyman", Teddy is seen wearing a shirt and pair of pants seen on members of a marching band. In "The Flipper!", it is seen wearing a white lab coat with the Meteor Watchers' logo on it, along with brown khakis and shoes.


Teddy has appeared in three episodes of The Backyardigans: "Catch that Train!", "The Funnyman Boogeyman", and "The Flipper!", all from season four.

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