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"Thank You" is a song from the episode "Fly Girl."

Characters singing


Pablo: Thank you.

Tasha: We just want to say 'thank you.'

Tyrone: We're not mad, we're glad! And we want to say 'thank you!'

Tasha: Thank you for the way... you brightened up our day with the lovely song you sang.

Pablo: Very nicely, I should say!

Tyrone: Thanks for flying in... and making us grin!

Pablo: 'Cause it really got us out... of the rut that we... were... in.

Tasha: Thank you.

Tyrone: We just want to say 'thank you!'

Pablo: It's neat how you're so sweet, so we want to say 'thank you.'

Tyrone: Thank you for the dance... and thank you for the song.

Tasha: First, I didn't like it, but... jeepers, I was wrong!

Tyrone: Thanks for trying hard... to get the message through!

Pablo: And our sunny, happy attitude is all because of you! So...

Pablo, Tasha, and Tyrone: Thank you. Did we mention that we thank you?

All: T-H-A-N-K...

Pablo, Tasha, and Tyrone: ...Y-O-U! Thank you!