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"That's My Job, That's My Job" is a song from the "For the Love of Socks!" episode.

Characters singing


Tasha: Each time new socks come out, I send them down the line. I mark them down and yell real loud the color and design.

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone: Foreman Tasha, that's her name. Our leader and our boss.

Tasha: That's my job, that's my job. I call, then mark and toss.

Pablo: When socks get stuck together, they call it static cling. But I make sure they're pulled apart, 'cause static ain't my thing.

Uniqua, Tyrone, and Tasha: Tester Pablo, that's his name. The guy who tests for static.

Pablo: That's my job, that's my job. The work makes me ecstatic.

Tyrone: My job's to find the matches, 'cause socks should be a pair. Only when they are the same are socks okay to wear.

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha: Tyrone matches socks all day. Matching is his game.

Tyrone: That's my job, that's my job. Each pair should be the same.

Uniqua: My job is to fold 'em, each pair tight and snug. I line them up then loop and roll and finish with a tug.

Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha: Man, that girl can fold. Her style is oh so bold. Did you see the way she rolled? Ooh, she sure can fold.

Tasha: Gee whiz, we love our jobs.

Pablo: Each shift's a real delight.

Tyrone: And if we didn't have to sleep.

Uniqua: We'd probably work all night.

All: Factory workers, yes we are. We make our socks our biz. That's our job, that's our job. The greatest job there is.