The Backyardigans is an album featuring nineteen songs from the first season. It was the second The Backyardigans album released.

Track listing

  1. "The Backyardigans Theme Song"
  2. "You and Me to the Rescue"
  3. "Castaways"
  4. "Questing, Questing"
  5. "A Pirate Says Arrr"
  6. "Yeti Stomp"
  7. "Queens Are Never Wrong"
  8. "Those Bones"
  9. "Buffalo Girls and Boys"
  10. "Trudge, Trudge, Trudge"
  11. "Secret Agent"
  12. "Laser Limbo"
  13. "Row Your Boat"
  14. "Into the Thick of It"
  15. "P.U."
  16. "Flying Rock Song"
  17. "When I'm Booin'"
  18. "Please and Thank You"
  19. "Rockabilly Lullaby"


  • In some U.S. stores, this CD was marketed as The Adventures Begin (the title of the preceding album).
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