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The Backyardigans is a single-player video game available for the Nintendo DS console. It is rated "E" for Everyone. The game was manufactured by Nintendo, developed by Black Lantern Studios, and published by 2K Play.




  • Tasha joins the superheroes from "Race to the Tower of Power" in one mini-game. However, she wears her SuperSnap outfit from "Front Page News" and has her super speed powers.
  • Pirate Captain Tasha joins the other pirates from "Pirate Treasure" in another mini-game, despite not appearing in the episode itself.
  • Tasha's voice cannot be heard in the game. However, her character does speak. For example, when Ensign Austin tells her to say "zip speed," both Uniqua and Tasha move their mouths, but only Uniqua's voice is heard.
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