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The Backyardigans Theme Song is a song played before episodes of the Nick Jr. animated series The Backyardigans. An instrumental version of the song plays during the end credits.


The sequence begins in a cloudy background (shadow), with the five saying their names and singing in different-colored backgrounds. Every season that features the five can pretend and dress up from every episode. The five jump and walk, and then the show's logo appears.

Characters singing



Pablo: Hi, I'm Pablo!

Tyrone: My name's Tyrone!

Uniqua: I'm Uniqua!

Tasha: I'm Tasha!

Austin: And my name's Austin!

All: And we're...
Your backyard friends,
The Backyardigans!

Together in
The backyard again!

Pablo: In the place where we belong...

Uniqua: Where we'll probably sing a song...

Tasha: And we'll maybe dance along...

All: We've got the whole wide world
In our yard to explore.
We always find things
We've never seen before.

That's why every day,
We're back for more
With your friends,
The Backyardigans!


  • The first episode to use the theme song was in Pirate Treasure.
  • Since some of the main characters' voices change in different seasons of The Backyardigans, the new voices are always put in the new season's theme song. Uniqua and Austin's introductions stay the same since they have the same speaking voices for the whole series.
  • In seasons 1-3, The Backyardigans logo is shown below a Nick Jr. logo at the end of the song. In season 4, the logo is shown under a Nickelodeon logo. In the Treehouse version of the season 1-3 intro, the logo has the characters in their season 1 designs despite their designs changed for season 2-4, the background doesn't zoom out and it doesn't have the Nick Jr. logo as Treehouse is a Canadian channel.
  • At some point, The Backyardigans show three opening variations related to episodes of seasons 1-4, after when they spin around in a purple background.
  • Before specials/TV movies, the theme song's tune is changed into a different music genre to fit the double-length premiere's theme.
  • The first version of the song is featured on the Nickelodeon soundtrack of the show.
  • While Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha jump into the sequence, Austin walks in. This can be seen more clearly in a widescreen version of an episode.
  • In the season 1 intro, when The Backyardigans are dressed as pirates, Tasha can also be seen wearing a pirate outfit, despite her not appearing in Pirate Treasure.
  • In Season 1, in the orange and yellow striped background scene during the intro, Uniqua and Tasha switched places.
  • Some dubs like the Italian and French ones have a different logo.
  • There are some differences in the intro used in the promo trailer:
    • The singing part and the "and we're..." line is a little different.
    • The logo was bigger.
    • The characters were placed a little far away from each other.
    • Tyrone climbs onto the logo differently.
    • When Uniqua does her pose on the logo, she is looking to the right at the camera.
  • In the HD widescreen version of the season 4 intro when the characters jump onto the logo, Austin is missing his eyebrows.



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