"The Ballad of the Brave Pink Knight" is a song from the episode "Knights Are Brave and Strong".

Characters singing


Uniqua: I traveled really far with this message for you! Queen Tasha said I had to get this message to you! She told me there'd be problems to get in my way, but if I could get past them she said you would say...

Pablo and Tyrone: Hey, Uniqua! You're brave and smart and strong!

Austin (spoken): I just might, tell me more!

Uniqua: First there was the forest, dark and covered with mist. It looked a little scary, but I have to insist. The moose, he wasn't scary in spite of his moan. And when I got to know him, he was only Tyrone!

Pablo and Tyrone: Hey, Uniqua! That's really being brave!

Austin (spoken): You're that moose!

Uniqua: Soon we came to Pablo, who was guarding the gate. He said it wouldn’t open...

Tyrone (spoken): What a terrible fate!

Uniqua: And then we started pushing with all of our heart, but we couldn't even budge it, so we had to be smart! I thought maybe you can't push it. Is there something we haven't tried? So I went over and gave a pull, and I opened it up wide!

Pablo and Tyrone: Hey, Uniqua! You're really being smart!

Austin (spoken): That's really using your head!

Uniqua: And then there was the swamp, with its horrible smell! The bubbles all around us...

Pablo (spoken): I didn't feel so well!

Uniqua: It's a good thing that I'm strong, or we might have been lost. We pushed over a boulder and we made it across!

Pablo and Tyrone: That Uniqua! She's really, really strong! (spoken): Grrr!

Austin: I'm impressed, Uniqua. You're brave and smart and strong!

Uniqua: You know I got a message!

Pablo and Tyrone: Clenched tight in her fist.

Uniqua: And I'm brave!

Tyrone: Brave, brave in the forest of mist.

Uniqua: I'm smart!

Pablo and Tyrone: She's smart, got a head on her shoulders.

Uniqua: I'm strong!

Pablo and Tyrone: Strong, strong, she can push over boulders!

Pablo, Tyrone and Austin: Hey, Uniqua! You're brave and smart and strong!


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