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The Backyardigans: The Essential Guide is a book in DK Publishing's Essential Guides series. It was written by Brian J. Bromberg. The title has thirty-two pages altogether.

The book includes character biographies and location descriptions. It uses episode scenes and promotional images from the first two seasons.



"Join the Backyardigans as they go wherever their imaginations take them in this Essential Guide! Learn everything there is to know about these fun-loving characters. Come along on their favorite adventures, including Mission to Mars and the Frozen North. Enjoy amazing images from the show."


  • This is one of the few pieces of merchandise that mentions Uniqua's species. Bromberg describes her as "Uniqua the, well, Uniqua."
  • Sherman's biography mentions that he is "not just a worm." This implies that Wormans are a type of worm, rather than a different type of animal.
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