"The Fleeting Phantom Figure in the Garden" is a song from the episode "Whodunit".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Those footsteps... I hear them.

Pablo: They’re close now... we’re near them.

Uniqua: Who made them?

Pablo: I’m willin'... to bet it’s that villain! We’ll chase him... we’ll trail him... pursue him... and tail him.

Uniqua: He’s prob'ly... a jewel thief... so prob'ly... they’ll jail him.

Both: That fleeting phantom figure in the garden. That villain creeping secretly along. He’s making phantom footsteps in the garden. We’ll catch him by the time we end this song.

Pablo: (speaking) Let's split up! You go that way... I'll go this way!

Uniqua: (speaking) And we'll trap him!

Pablo: This garden... is foggy... and gloomy... and soggy. The perfect... location for a villain to escape in. He thinks he’ll... evade me! He thinks he’s... outplayed me! He’s sneaky... and stealthy, but not mentally healthy. My instinct... is brilliant! I’m quick and resilient! The culprit will find he’s no match for my super-brainy, great detective, mystery-solving mind! That fleeting phantom figure in the garden. He thinks he can escape me, but I’m fast! Oh, bad guy making footsteps in the garden... the great detective collars you at last.

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