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This article is the episode. For role, see The Masked Retriever (role).

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"The Masked Retriever" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the third season.



"In Viejo, California, Uniqua is a librarian by day, who avenges unreturned library books with her horse named Tornado. When Tasha wants to take a book out and cannot because Don Austin has not returned it, Uniqua makes it her mission to get it back. Can she get past Austins guards Pablo and Tyrone? And will she ever get that book back?"


Uniqua is in the backyard stacking books on the picnic table. She introduces herself as the librarian of the public library in Viejo, California. She explains to the viewer that you can check out books at the library. She also mentions that if one is overdue and the person who checked it out does not return it, she disguises herself as "The Masked Retriever" and takes the book back on time. She sings the song "The Masked Retriever."

The backyard transforms into the town of Viejo, California. Uniqua walks into a tan building, the local library, opens the door and walks inside. She begins to stamp books at her desk when Tasha walks into the library with a stack of books. She returns them to Uniqua and starts to sing "I Love the Library" after Uniqua compliments her on returning her books on time. Tasha asks where the book "The Case of the Climbing Cat" is located because she could not find it in the fiction section.

Uniqua looks for a form saying who has the book already and realizes that Don Austin, the richest and most important person in Viejo, checked out the book last week. Uniqua is surprised when she finds out that it is overdue. She explains to Tasha what has happened, until the conversation is interrupted by the sound of Don Austin's carriage driving by. Uniqua rushes outside and tells him that his book is overdue. Coincidentally, Don Austin is currently reading the book.

Don Austin says he doesn't care that the book is overdue and briefly tells Uniqua that he will not return the book. He rides in his carriage back to his giant house. Uniqua and Tasha begin to sing, "I'm Going To Get That Book Back". Uniqua and Tasha walk back into the library, and Uniqua discusses that she will get the book back. Tasha suggests that The Masked Retriever could get the book back. When Tasha walks behind a bookcase, Uniqua goes to her underground dressing area to dress as The Masked Retriever.

Don Austin's guards, Tyrone and Pablo, are standing at the gate just in front of Don Austin's house. Tyrone tells Pablo that instead of watching out for the librarian, they should watch out for the Masked Retriever. Tyrone tells him that he is a masked guy who always gets overdue books back, no matter how long it takes. Pablo goes inside to patrol as Tyrone walks around the house.

The Masked Retriever rides on her black stallion, Tornado, to the house. She hides behind a corner and tells Tornado that he will pick her up at Don Austin's study when she whistles. The Masked Retriever runs to the gate when Tyrone's back is turned and enters the building. Tyrone hears the gate close and walks over to it at the sight of a black checkmark. Tyrone immediately knows that The Masked Retriever has entered the building.

The Masked Retriever sneaks into Don Austin's study as Pablo tells Don Austin about The Masked Retriever. Don Austin tells Pablo that he does not care about the retriever and that they are leaving for Mexico that night. He calls Tyrone and tells him to set up the carriage and that when he enters the carriage and will order Tyrone and Pablo to head for Mexico. Don Austin walks off. The Masked Retriever overhears the conversation and whistles for Tornado so she can catch up to the carriage.

Tornado runs up to the window. The Masked Retriever hops out and onto Tornado's saddle. She and the horse set off. The camera turns to Don Austin in the carriage. He looks out the window and spots the Masked Retriever riding on Tornado. He yells for the guards to make the carriage's horses run faster. Pablo and Tyrone do so. The Masked Retriever sings a reprise of "The Masked Retriever," then jumps onto the two horses and stops the carriage from going anywhere.

Don Austin grabs his book and runs to the top floor of a small abandoned house. He resumes reading his book as the Masked Retriever leaves checkmarks on the guards, then jumps from ledge to ledge as she tries to get the book back. The Masked Retriever enters the opening on the top floor and angrily approaches Don Austin.

Don Austin is so cornered and scared that he sadly admits he is not finished with the book. The Masked Retriever pauses and does not threaten him. The Masked Retriever asks him if his statement is true, and Don Austin explains to her that it is twenty pages long, and he is only on the tenth page. The Masked Retriever tells him that one solution is renewing the library book. Don Austin asks her what that means, and Uniqua explains that it is a way to have more time to read it, but the librarian will only renew it if the librarian stamps it, and he must hurry before the library closes. Don Austin blinks and says, "Thank you," but he realizes that the Masked Retriever is gone. He looks out the window and sees the Masked Retriever riding Tornado back to the library in the distance.

Uniqua returns to the library and takes off her Masked Retriever disguise. She tells Tasha that the book will probably be back today, just as the sound of horses interrupts the conversation. The guards open the door and announce that Don Austin will enter the library. Don Austin tells Uniqua that he wants to renew his book. Uniqua renews it, and all the characters sing "A Happy Ending". Uniqua asks Don Austin how he knew about renewing books. Don Austin answers her by asking, "Have you ever heard of… the Masked Retriever?". Uniqua's stomach rumbles, and she invites everyone to her house for vegetable quesadillas.

Viejo turns back into the backyard, and they all sing the ending song. They enter Uniqua's house. Uniqua opens the previously closed door and shouts, "I am the Masked Retriever!", and the 3rd season of The Backyardigans draws to a close.




  • This episode was released early on the DVD "Robin Hood the Clean" before premiering on the main Nickelodeon channel 72 weeks prior.
    • It was originally listed to air in the United States on April 23, 2009, but was pushed to September 16, 2010, instead.
  • This is the official last episode:
    • In the US airing or production order where Tyrone's speaking lines were provided by Jordan Coleman, Jamia Simone Nash sings for Uniqua, and Thomas Sharkey sings for Austin.
    • To be broadcast in 4:3 Full Screen aspect ratio and 480i SD.
    • To be made in 2008, as indicated by the copyright stamp.
    • That the Canada logo is black in the international version of the credits.
  • The Masked Retriever character is based on Zorro.
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