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"Tired of Hanging Around" is a song from the "Who Goes There?" episode.

Characters singing


Uniqua: Tired of hanging around!

Pablo and Austin: Tired of hanging around!

Uniqua: I'm still all day, now I gotta play! I’m tired of hanging around!

Pablo: Tired of standing around!

Uniqua and Austin: Tired of standing around!

Pablo: The public is gone and the party is on, I’m tired of standing around. I've been posing in this pose... since 1642. It's great being part of famous art, but it gets boring, too!

Uniqua: I've hung in that gallery... a hundred years or more! My beauty is immortal, but my neck is kinda sore!

Austin: I've spent two millennia... reclining on that pot! Yes, that means two thousand years, and yes, that is a lot! I'm tired of laying around! Tired of laying around! Yes, life on a vase has a slow pace! I'm tired of hanging around!

Uniqua: We stand all day in artful poses!

Austin: Never stretch or scratch our noses!

Pablo: But when it's night, this place closes!

All: Say 'bye-bye' to the daytime crowd! Time to get busy, time to get loud! Tired of laying around! Tired of standing around!

Uniqua: Come on boys, lets make some noise!

All: Tired of hanging around! Tired of laying around! Tired of standing around!

Austin: We're gonna make this whole place shake!

All: Tired of hanging around!