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Treehouse Direct is a YouTube channel created by Treehouse TV. On the channel, every episode of The Backyardigans is available as a video. The channel was created on February 5, 2013, and the first video was uploaded on April 18, 2013.

The Backyardigans videos

Episode videos[]

All eighty episodes of The Backyardigans have been uploaded to the channel as of October 2, 2015. The first episode to appear on Treehouse Direct was "The Magic Skateboard" (which was uploaded on December 5, 2014). The final episode to be uploaded was "The Two Musketeers" (which was uploaded on October 2, 2015).

Most videos were uploaded over a period of ten days in December of 2014. The majority of videos can be viewed internationally, but several episodes from the first season are only available in Canada.


A promotional video for the channel features scenes from the Backyardigans episodes "The Secret of Snow" and "Race Around the World".


Four playlists have been created by the channel featuring The Backyardigans videos, one for each season. Twenty videos are included in each playlist.

International versions

Portuguese (Brazil)[]

Treehouse Direct Brasil (previously Treehouse Direct - BR) was created on January 30, 2015. It provides all 80 episodes of the Brazilian Portuguese dub. A promotional video on the channel uses scenes from "Monster Detectives", "The Secret Of Snow", "Scared of You", and "Race Around the World".

Spanish (Latin America)[]

Treehouse Direct Español (previously Treehouse Direct - Lat.Am) was created on January 30, 2015. It provides all 80 episodes of the Latin American Spanish dub. A promotional video on the channel includes scenes from "Monster Detectives" and "The Secret of Snow".


Treehouse Direct Français was created on July 15, 2015, and provides 39 episodes from every season of the French dub. "Race Around the World" and "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" are private videos. "Caveman's Best Friend" has not been uploaded.


Treehouse Direct Deutsch was created on September 8, 2015. It provides the first season of the German dub.


Treehouse Direct 한국 (Korean) was created on January 21, 2016. It provides the first season of the Korean dub.


Treehouse Direct 日本語 (Japanese) was created on May 26, 2016. It provides the Japanese dub.

Other channels[]

The only content the British, Mandarin, and Polish channels feature are silent clips of The Backyardigans in promotional videos.

The British, Italian, Japanese, and Polish versions use an image of the main characters on their channel banners. No videos include content from the series. The Turkish version does not have any form of The Backyardigans content available.

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