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"Tweedily-Dee" is a song from the episode "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2".

Characters singing


Tasha: Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! I'm the Flighty Fairy, and who are you? Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! What I find in this forest is for me... that's just how it has to be! I'm the Flighty Fairy, so tweedily, tweedily-doo!

Tyrone: What if we tell you that's the good king's egg?

Tasha: He can walk here and get it on his own two legs!

Uniqua: But if we command you to give it to us?

Tasha: It's not gonna happen, so don't even fuss!

Austin: And what if I kneel down and say "pretty please"?

Tasha: I will wave my magic wand and drop you in the trees...

Austin: (speaking) Hey!

Tasha: Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! I may be really little, but there's so much I can do!

Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I'm so glad I found this little Eggy! He's just the friend for me!

He fills me up with glee, so tweedily, tweedily-doo!

Tyrone: What if we tell you that we won't go away?

Tasha: Well, I'll cook up a rainstorm and you'll have a crummy day!

Austin: What if we grab the egg when you're in bed?

Tasha: That won't be so easy when you're standing on your head!

Austin: (speaking) Whoa!

Uniqua: You must... surrender the egg!

Tasha: No, I won't!

Tyrone: We must... recapture the egg!

Tasha: No you don't! If you take one more step over here, I will waggle my wand and you will disappear!

Uniqua and Tyrone: (speaking) Hey! Bring us back!

Tasha: Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! I think it's getting time to skedaddle and skidoo! Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! You just can't mess with the Flighty Fairy! I'm just too good, you see? So tweedily-doo... tweedily, tweedily-doo! Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-doo...


  • This song is featured on the Nickelodeon soundtrack Born to Play.