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"Viking Voyage" is an of The Backyardigans from the first season. It is also the last episode in the US airing of the series to premiere in 2004.



"Rockabilly music meets medieval Nordic exploration! Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are Vikings on the high seas. In search of new lands, they run into wild weather and a mermaid (Tasha with a tail) who blocks their way. Will they discover new territory? And if they do, what will they name it?"


Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are in the backyard. Pablo and Tyrone are shouting "Yahh!" and bumping their bellies. They explain to the viewer that they are tough Vikings. They sing the song "If You Wanna Be a Viking." Then they ask each other if they should sail to Iceland, Vineland, or Greenland. Tyrone suggests they try to find a new land that hasn’t been discovered yet, and they all agree. Tasha overhears the situation and doubts they are half as tough as her, the mermaid.

Meanwhile, the Vikings decided to set sail. The backyard transforms into a Viking ship in the middle of the ocean. They start sailing; Uniqua steers the ship, Pablo is on the lookout, and Tyrone guides them with a map of the ocean and tells the others that they should be reaching the doldrums any minute. Pablo asks Tyrone what they are, and Tyrone answers by telling him that they are things in the ocean that stop the wind. Pablo doubts that there will be any doldrums. Just then, the ship stops. The Vikings all know that they have reached them. They tried blowing the sail to move but to no avail. Then Tyrone suggests that the two should row the boat. Uniqua and Pablo row very slowly, and they start moving. Then, after rowing long enough to tire them out, they start hearing the wind again and start moving without rowing. They go back to their stations.

Meanwhile, Tasha is bragging to herself and the viewer about how tough mermaids are. The camera moves back toward the Vikings. Tyrone tells Uniqua and Pablo that they will enter the stormy, rocky region next. Uniqua doubts that they will run into any rocky and stormy areas, but Pablo spots a lot of rocks up ahead as thunder sounds. Uniqua needs help steering the ship, so the other two rush over to help her steer out of the region and turn at every rock. At the end of the region, they come across a large wave and ride it out of the storm. The sky is now blue and free of clouds. As the Vikings sail on, Mermaid Tasha is perched comfortably on a rock, watching them sail away. She comments to the viewer once again how the Vikings think they're tough just because they made it through the stormy, rocky region, adding that she loves it around here because "mermaids are the toughest." She sings "Extra, Extra Tough" as she swims around her domain.

Studying the map again, Tyrone tells Pablo and Uniqua that they will be approaching the raging whirlpool next. Pablo asks what it is, and Tyrone tells him it is a large spinning part of the sea that sinks ships into the water. Pablo sees the whirlpool up ahead. Then there was trouble: the Vikings' ship floats into it and starts to spin rapidly. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are spun off their feet, hold on to the boat's wooden dragon head in the front, and sing, "Hold Tight." The ship spins into the air and out of the whirlpool. Tasha had been planning to show them how tough she was, so she started to jump in and out of the water, getting the Vikings' attention.

The Vikings do not know what is causing the splashing and keep running to the source of the sound. Tasha splashes to the left, and the Vikings run to the left side of their ship. She then swims under the boat and to the right side, repeating the trick. Uniqua gets the joke and stays on the right. Tasha is caught. Tasha tells the Vikings that mermaids are tougher than them. The Vikings doubt it and start to continue their exploration. Tasha tells them she has them pinned in, but they don't believe her. The Vikings tell her that they are the toughest, so they try to row their ship to escape her. The Vikings try moving several times but are stopped. Mermaid Tasha blocks their every turn, telling them she has them surrounded. They give up.

Tasha tells them they will sing for her forever, and the Vikings don't want to mess with someone as tough as a mermaid. Tyrone tells Tasha that he and the other two Vikings will first go to the back of the ship to decide what song to sing. Pablo asks if they can sing "The Wheels on the Bus," but Tyrone tells him that he plans to sing Tasha a lullaby, causing her to fall asleep, so they can escape.

Uniqua and Pablo like the idea and run over to Tasha, who is waiting for them. They sing the song "Rockabilly Lullaby (Hush Little Mermaid)" when night falls, Tasha snoozes while floating, and Pablo falls asleep, putting his head down. Uniqua taps on Pablo's helmet to wake him up, and the Vikings start slowly rowing the ship away from the sleeping mermaid. They sail to the island, which no Viking has ever discovered before. It is covered in sand. The three think about what they should call it. Tyrone comes up with the final choice: Sand Land. Uniqua and Pablo like the name and start to draw their faces in the sand as their "Viking marks."

Pablo's stomach growls, and Uniqua invites them to her house for graham crackers and milk. Tasha jumps out of the water and exclaims that graham crackers are one of her favorite treats. The high seas turn back into the backyard as the four sing the end song and head to Uniqua's house. Tyrone opens the door and yells the Vikings' most famous quote, "Yahh!", and they close the door.




  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Pablo's "Wheels on the Bus" reference is changed to "How about that [song] about the frog in the pond?" referencing a popular Brazilian public domain children's song, "O Sapo Não Lava o Pé."
  • The mermaid scenes were an inspiration for Bubble Guppies.
  • This is the final official episode in the USA print of the series to be broadcast in 2004.
  • Austin is the only character who isn't featured in this episode.
    • This is the sixth episode in the US airing and Canadian airing order where Austin is absent.
  • This is the tenth episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is considered a pirate episode, even though it's about Vikings.
  • The fifth episode of Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone and Tasha and NOT to feature Austin
  • There is a V.Smile game based off of this episode which was released in 2006.
  • This is the first episode when Tasha breaks the fourth wall.
  • The first episode where Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone scream.
  • This was the first episode to air on Nick Jr. after Noggin was rebranded at 6:00am on September 28, 2009.
  • This is the first episode where Tasha is a mermaid. It happens again with Uniqua in Into the Deep except that the mermaid suit is different in both episodes.


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