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"We Love Goo" is a song from the episode "Los Galacticos".

Characters singing


Uniqua: We have gooed many comets. We have gooed many stars.

Austin: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Mars.

Both: We've gooed moons.

Uniqua: We've gooed suns.

Austin: We've gooed rocks just for fun.

Uniqua: Planets and galaxies, too.

Austin: And we'll never stop gooing...

Uniqua: 'Till everything is covered in goo.

Austin: We love goo.

Uniqua: Oh, yes, we do.

Austin: Sloppy and green.

Uniqua: Sticky like glue.

Austin: We love goo.

Uniqua: Messy and globby.

Austin: And smelly, too.

Uniqua: We love goo.

Austin: We have gooed flying saucers. We have gooed UFOs.

Uniqua: Satellites out in orbit. Aliens with giant toes.

Both: We've gooed here.

Austin: We've gooed there.

Uniqua: We've gooed everywhere.

Austin: Shuttles and spaceships as well.

Uniqua: And we'll never stop gooing...

Austin: 'Till everything has that goo smell. We're crazy for goo.

Uniqua: We're nuts about goo. We're loopy and giddy and gaga for goo.

Austin: We're thrilled about goo.

Uniqua: We're pleased about goo.

Austin: We're batty and tickled and cuckoo for goo.

Uniqua: If we could marry the goo...

Austin: We'd say 'I do' to the goo.

Uniqua: Say I do...

Austin: I do...

Both: I do... to the goo. We love goo. Oh, yes we do.

Uniqua: Sloppy and green.

Austin: Sticky like glue.

Both: We love goo...

Uniqua: Messy and globby.

Austin: And smelly, too.

Both: We love goo!