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"We Wish We Could Wash" is a song from the episode "Robin Hood the Clean."

Characters singing


Tyrone: We wish we could wash
My hands, my toes,
We wish we could wash
My legs, my nose.

The small of my back
And the backs of my ears
And the heel of my foot
That's been dirty for years.

My gosh...
We wish we could wash...

Uniqua: We're all out of soap
And we feel really gross,
You'd faint from our smell
If you got too close.

Tasha: We're covered in mud,
We're dripping with goo,
We don't wish for riches,
But shampoo.

Tyrone: Clean,
We just want to be clean,
It's just really mean
That we cannot be clean.

Uniqua: But this town's full of mud,
There's mud in my hair,
There's mud on the walls
And it just isn't fair!

Tasha: We don't ask for much,
Just some time in a tub,
The permission to clean
And the freedom to scrub.

Uniqua: We wish we could wash!

Tyrone: Our chests, our knees.

Tasha: We wish we could wash,
We're beggin' you, please!

Tyrone: Our ankles, our thumbs...

All: And quite frankly, our bums!
Gosh, we wish we could wash!
My gosh, we wish we could wash!