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This is the transcript of Who Goes There?

{Meanwhile, the art was still playing tag}

Uniqua: I'm gonna get you!

Austin: That's what you think!

{The art heard the guards coming}

Tyrone: Who goes there!?

Pablo: Hold up troops, here comes trouble.

Austin: Where too?

Tyrone: Who goes there?

Unique: I know, let's hide in here!

{They went inside the painting and it tipped to the left}

Pablo, Uniqua, and Austin: Whoa!

Tyrone: I heard that! Okay, who goes there?

{They noticed the painting with the runaway art people}

Austin: {Sniffles and starts to sneeze}

Pablo: What's wrong, Austicles?

Austin: Don't be mad, forgive me please. But flowers... see? they make me... sneeze.

Unique & Pablo: What!?

Uniqua: Let's get away from those flowers.

{They went to the other side and it tips over to the right.}

Tyrone: Who goes there?

Austin: {Whispers} Oh no. More flowers. {Starts to sneeze}

Pablo: He's gonna blow!

{Uniqua holds Austin's nose when Tyrone shines his flashlight on the painting, the art managed to hold still}

Tyrone: Hmmm... That's one weird looking painting. Hey, Wait a minute. Weren't they just over there? Guess I'm just seeing things.

{The art sighed in relief}

Austin: {Sneezes}