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"You Can Do It" is a song from the episode "Garbage Trek".

Characters singing


Tasha: You're the finest crew there is... in all of outer space!
You've got more trash experience than the whole... human race!
We've been a crew together... forever and a day!
And I'm your starship captain, so... listen when I say:
You can do it! No reason not to try, you can do... it! I'm here to tell you why! When the job seems much, much, much too tough... try it, you can't try enough! You... can... do it!

Uniqua: That entire planet... is made all out of trash!

Austin: If we overfill the ship, there's a chance... we could crash!

Tasha: I know you prob'ly think that... it seems that there's no way! But hear me when I tell you: Today is our big day!

Uniqua: I think I can! I think I can! I'm gonna stay on track, 'til every scrap of garbage... is stuffed inside the back!

Tasha: 'Atta girl! 'Atta girl! I know you'll do your best... to get the garbage dumped... and get it all compressed!

All: We can do it!

Austin: No reason not to try!

All: We can do... it!

Uniqua: We're really gonna try!

All: There's no job that is too rough or tough! We got the right collector stuff! We... can... do it!